Architectural Window Restoration, Inc. has traveled all around the country taking on the task of resurrecting tired, old, and faded steel windows and doors.  Usually, we are told by the homeowner, that they have been searching for years for someone who could help with their old windows. They say that they have called local window companies, but all have tried talking them into ripping out their old steel windows and replacing them with new windows, often citing that the old residential windows are too far gone to be saved, or that they can’t be made to perform as well as new windows. We continually prove them wrong!

We’ve been providing historic home window restoration for decades with the attention to detail and expertise needed to retain your home’s unique charm. We are not a typical home window repair service company because your home is not the typical home.

If you want to retain the appeal of historic residential steel windows in your home, AWR can provide repair and restoration services that restore both form and function.

Discover why AWR is the top choice to restore your steel windows to their former glory – contact us today to get started!