Carrier Hall, Memphis


The Memphis, Tennessee estate, “Carrier Hall,” (built for Robert. M. Carrier) was constructed by John Write Johnson and designed by architect, Bryan Flemming in 1923. Their collaborative efforts incorporated a recreation of the 17th-century style “Jacobean Country Home”. Preceding the construction, Flemming and Carrier traveled to several European countries over the course of six summers, collecting carved paneling, linenfold doors, steel sash, French casement windows, furniture, imported brick from England, and artifacts to be assembled into the estate.

This home includes 8 fireplaces with hand-carved mantels, leaded windows, furniture-grade-10-inch oak flooring, and hand-carved oak paneling. The 9,000 square foot home is equipped with 14 rooms, 5 bedrooms, 5 full bathrooms, and 3 half bathrooms. Carrier Hall rests on 2 acres of land and contains both a guest house and a summer tea house.

The current owners of the estate are Lisa and Bill Courtney. After speaking with Lisa about the history of “Carrier Hall”, she noted that Elvis’ cousin Bobbie had previously owned the home with her husband Ed Wren in the late 1960s. Elvis was known to periodically visit the home to hang out with his cousin. Lisa also went on to mention that before she and her husband bought Carrier Hall, the home was infamous for its lavish parties, thrown by previous owners. Other well-known owners of the home were interior designers, William Eubanks, and William R. Kent.

Carrier Hall was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1980.