The Stories That Shape Our Future

History is everywhere. Whether you live in a rural environment, or in a major city the ground beneath you carries stories from the past that helped shape the future that we currently live in. There are various towns/cities where its exterior may not seem promising; however, if you look deep enough you can find the rich history engraved within.

It all starts with research. Getting to know the place in which you reside. You feel more connected to your environment when you are aware of its records and stories. Many towns and cities thrive off of their history, and have preserved historical structures throughout the years to sustain the location’s character and integrity.

Many individuals are not too keen on research, so I would say another great way to learn more about a town’s history would be actually going out and exploring. You can find just about anything you are looking for by visiting local museums, going to the library, speaking with residents, or simply mapping out the town. It’s very rewarding to become more in touch with where you reside, as you become more connected to those before you, and feel more motivated to create a history that will make the next generation as proud and as curious as you were.